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Add steps to sequences, more candidate details in projects and other improvements

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We’re constantly working to make Betterleap a better place for recruiters. Our newest updates include InMailed and Interested tracking, the ability to add or remove steps from a sequence, and more details when you view your project. Check out our full list of product updates here.

Here’s what went live this week

This week we’ve shipped:

  • Mark candidates as InMailed

  • Mark candidates as Interested

  • See candidates' current company and role title

  • Ability to add and remove new sequence steps

Everything you need to know about this week’s changes

  • Mark candidates as InMailed: We wanted to make it easier for recruiters to track their LinkedIn activity on Betterleap. Now you can mark your candidates as Replied via LinkedIn, and they will stop receiving an email sequence.

  • Mark candidates as Interested: To give recruiters and clients a better understanding of their sequence performance, we’ve added an ability to mark candidates as Interested. Now you can see how many interested candidates you have in your pipeline at a glance.

  • More candidate details in projects: We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear, and we’ve added more candidate details (like current company and role title) to projects, with a new dedicated candidate page coming soon.

  • Ability to add and remove new sequence steps: We’ve added a way for you to edit an email sequence, so you can add or remove whichever steps you want. Just go to your project, click View Sequence > Edit, and add or remove a step.

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