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Candidate pages, better email coverage, and more 🙌

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We're excited to share our latest product updates with you! This week, you'll find new features to help you view candidate pages, set sending limits for your account, add unsubscribe links to messages, and manage your invoices. Keep reading to find out more about our latest updates.

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Candidate pages: We’re excited to announce our new candidate pages. Now you can view candidate details in a dedicated page and add notes for future reference. It’s super easy to access — just click on any candidate in a project and voila! In the near future, we’ll be adding even more features, including job history, additional email addresses and more.

  • Unsubscribe links: With the new unsubscribe feature, you can now easily add a link to the bottom of each email that you send, allowing candidates that you contact to quickly and easily opt-out from your messages if they choose to do so. To enable it, head on over to the Settings page.

  • Email sending controls: From your Settings page, you can set a maximum number of emails to send per day and the number of seconds between each email. This is a great way to ensure you don't exceed Google's limits and warm up your inbox gradually if you're new to sending out bulk emails.

  • Better reply detection: We can now catch replies and stop a sequence for potential candidates even if they reply from a different email address.

  • Improved email coverage: We are super excited about the latest integration we completed that improved our email coverage to an impressive 83%. We are committed to continuing this work and pushing our coverage as close as possible to 100%.

  • Self-serve checkout: Now, new customers can quickly and easily check out, manage their plans, review invoices, and access receipts all from within the app (just head on over to the Billing section).

Coming soon

The team is putting the finishing touches on a few new features that we're excited about releasing over the next two weeks.

  • Extension updates: We're adding an easier way for recruiters to source into projects, with a clear differentiation between your projects and team projects, ability to create and search for projects.

  • Personalize emails with AI: With this update, you'll be able to tailor messages to each candidate right from the extension, without spending hours crafting the perfect message.

  • Additional email addresses: We're adding an option to view additional verified email addresses for any candidate and select a preferred email address in our app and extension.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about this update! Your feedback directly impacts what we build next

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