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GPT-4 copilot upgrade, Microsoft support and more sequences controls 🚢

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We're excited to share our latest product update. Want to choose the exact days your messages get sent? Well, now you can! And that's not all, Microsoft users can now join in on the fun with our new sequence support. Keep reading to discover all the details:

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Send sequences on specific days: With this update, you can choose which days you want your sequences to be sent on and tailor your outreach strategy to match the specific needs and behaviors of your audience.

  • Microsoft support: We enabled sequences for our Microsoft users.

  • Better candidate search: You can now find candidates from archived projects in search.

  • GPT-4 upgrade: Our recruiting copilot now runs on GPT-4.

  • Mark candidates as Interested from your inbox: You will now receive an automated email with relevant links every time a candidate replies. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this feature!

  • BD mode: We understand how important it is to make a personal connection with your prospects, so we improved our email personalization feature for the BD mode.

Coming soon

Get a sneak peek of what we're building next:

  • Sourcing: You'll be able to find ideal candidates quickly and easily on Betterleap.

  • Project details page improvements: You'll be able to view the current and next sequence step and date for any candidate.

  • InMail reply detection: We'll automatically mark candidates as replied and stop sequences when your candidates reply to your InMails.

  • More analytics: We're working on a new analytics suite to help you improve your hiring process.

Onward and upward!  

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