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Improved candidate profiles 👤

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We are excited to announce the release of several new updates to our extension and candidate profiles! The updated version of the extension makes it easy to keep track of who you've InMailed and who has replied. Plus, candidate profiles now provide more insight into a candidate's experience, so you can quickly determine their qualifications. Read on for more details:

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Extension updates: The updated version of the extension enables you to quickly and easily mark candidates as InMailed or Replied.

  • File attachments: We've added an easy way for you to add files like resumes, cover letters, and other documents to a candidate's profile.

  • Candidate profiles: Candidate profiles now offer a more in-depth look at a candidate's background. You can view any candidate's education and experience, and see what projects and sequences they are a part of.

Coming soon

You’re going to love what’s next on deck!

  • Business development mode: Up to this point, recruiting firms haven’t been able to use Betterleap for business development. We're adding a way for you to get professional email addresses for leads you source on LinkedIn.

  • New client collaboration features: We're adding a simpler way for you to request ATS access and send on-behalf permissions from clients.

  • Sequence templates: With sequence templates, you'll be able to create sequences from pre-made templates in no time.

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