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New recruiter profile pages and ability to copy sequences ✌️

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We’re excited to share our latest updates. This product release introduces the ability to copy sequences and an updated recruiter profile page with more information about past clients and testimonials. Read on for more details:

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Copy sequences: With this feature, you can copy sequences in no time. To get started, head over to a project, select a past sequence from the drop-down, and click Apply to copy all steps.

  • Updated recruiter profile pages: We've updated the look and feel of the recruiter profile page. Now when you're sharing a project, your client will be able to check out your past clients and testimonials.

  • Mark candidates as Interested from your inbox: You will now get an email when you email a candidate for the first time. Click a link in this email to view their details or mark them as Interested, Not interested, or Replied, and we'll update their status on Betterleap automatically.

Coming soon

Get a sneak peek of what we're building next:

  • Sourcing: You'll be able to find ideal candidates quickly and easily on Betterleap.

  • Project details page improvements: You'll be able to view the current and next sequence step and date for any candidate.

  • Sequence improvements: You'll be able to customize your sequences by choosing which days to send them on, and whether or not you want to include email signatures.

  • Microsoft support: We're enabling sequences for our Microsoft users.

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