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New sourcing capabilities

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We're excited to bring you a fresh batch of updates, each designed to make your time on our platform even better. Curious about the details? Let's jump right in!

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Sourcing experience improvements: To streamline candidate searches, job titles will now be emphasized in bold when used as search parameters.

  • Exclude specific results when sourcing: We've added the ability to exclude specific locations, skills, or job titles from your search within our Sourcing tab, allowing for more customized results.

  • Resume upload via extension: The process of uploading resumes for candidates is now more efficient. You can do this directly within our extension.

  • ATS connection banner: A new visual feature, the green sync icon, will inform you when your project syncs with an ATS role.

  • Clockwork integration: If you're using Clockwork as your ATS, you can now connect it to Betterleap for a two-way sync.

  • Roles and new permissions: We've added two roles to Betterleap: admin and member, with a different set of permissions. If you created your Betterleap account, you're now the admin of your organization. Admins will have exclusive access to the following features:

    • Invite, deactivate and change roles of team members

    • Export candidates

    • Access Billing

    • Connect ATS and CRM

  • Sequence metrics relocation: Your sequence metrics are now conveniently located on the Sequence page. To visit the Sequence page, go to your project and click "View Sequence".

  • Pause sequence function relocation: The pause/resume sequence function has a new home. You can now find it easily on the Sequence page. To visit the Sequence page, go to your project and click "View Sequence".

As always, our dedicated team is just a call or click away if you need any help exploring these new features. We've got more impressive updates in store, so stay connected. Until next time!

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