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Sales Navigator support and AI-powered reply detection

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

Exciting news! We've rolled out some updates to make your time on Betterleap even better. Here's a quick overview:

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Sales Navigator support: Our Chrome extension now seamlessly works with Sales Navigator, streamlining your sourcing and prospecting.

  • AI-powered reply analysis: Our AI now automatically detects if candidates are interested or not from their email replies, eliminating the need for you to manually tag them.

  • Degree filter: Finding candidates with the right degree just got easier! You can enter generic degrees like "Bachelors" or get more specific.

  • Keywords filter: We've improved how the keywords filter works, making it easier to conduct more comprehensive queries.

Up next

  • Restart sequences: We're adding an ability to restart sequences for candidates with bounced emails, keeping your outreach on track.

  • Sourcing shortcuts: You'll be able to move between candidates and add them to projects even faster.

  • Home page update: Get ready for a fresh, new look on your home page, with advanced stats to better monitor your progress.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be in touch again next week.

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