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Sourcing Copilot 🤖

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We are excited to introduce our latest product, the Sourcing Copilot, designed to transform your sourcing process. The Sourcing Copilot is an AI-powered tool that intelligently delivers candidates to your projects daily, streamlining your search and saving valuable time.

How It Works

  1. Add ~15 candidates to your recruiting project.

  2. The Sourcing Copilot delivers new candidates to your project daily.

  3. Add suggested candidates to your project or remove the ones that aren't a good fit.

Other updates

  • Profile views: Now, you can easily track which team members have previously viewed a candidate from the Chrome extension and activity log, streamlining your team collaboration.

  • SF Tech Week alert: On May 31, we're opening the doors of our San Francisco HQ to all recruiting enthusiasts intrigued by AI. Check out the details and register here:

Coming soon

Get a sneak peek of what we're building next:

  • Sequence attachments: Soon, you'll have the ability to seamlessly attach files to your sequences, making your recruiting and sales process more efficient and effective.

  • Do-not-contact list: We're working on a new feature that will allow you to easily add specific contacts to a do-not-contact list.

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