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Sourcing hotkeys and sequence restart capability

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We're excited to share our latest product updates. Dive into what's new:

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Sourcing hotkeys: Speed is key when sourcing talent, and our new hotkeys are here to help. Navigate between candidates and seamlessly add them to projects while sourcing on Betterleap with these shortcuts:

    • Use < and > arrows to quickly move between candidates

    • Press Ctrl + S to instantly access the Projects drop-down menu

    • Press Ctrl + L to open a candidate’s LinkedIn profile

  • Restart sequences: We've introduced the capability to restart sequences for candidates with bounced emails. Simply update the candidate's email, select them from the "Bounced" column, and hit the "Restart" button found in the control bar at the bottom of your screen.

Expect more exciting news next week!

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