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Team stats, faster Chrome extension, and BD mode 🚄

AUTHOR: The Betterleap team

We can’t wait to show you what’s new and improved in this update. We released several new features that make it faster to add candidates to projects, view the latest activities of each candidate, see team analytics in your dashboard, and use Betterleap for business development. Read on for more details:

Everything you need to know about this update

  • Team stats: With this update, you can now view the number of viewed, sourced, and contacted candidates for each team member, giving you a better understanding of the team's recruiting efforts.

  • A faster way to add candidates to projects: You can now quickly add someone to your most recent project with the simple click of Ctrl + W in the extension.

  • View candidates' latest activities: You can now keep track of the last touch point with any candidate on the project details page and in the extension, even if you emailed them outside of the Betterleap platform.

  • Candidate profile improvements: The candidate profile page now contains all the projects and sequences a candidate is in, so you can quickly view their progress without having to navigate through multiple screens.

  • Business development mode: Up to this point, recruiting firms haven’t been able to use Betterleap for business development. We've added a way for you to get professional email addresses for prospects you source on LinkedIn. To dive in and see for yourself, head over to Projects and create a sales project.

Coming soon

You’re going to love what’s next on deck!

  • Mark candidates as Interested from your inbox: We're launching a faster way for you to mark candidates as Interested, Not interested, or Replied directly from your inbox.

  • Project details page improvements: You'll be able to view the current and next sequence step and date for any candidate.

  • Clone sequences: With this feature, you'll be able to duplicate sequences in no time.

  • Microsoft support: We're enabling sequences for our Microsoft users.

Have an idea for something we’re not working on that we should be? Reach out to and share your thoughts.

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